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Adventure Magazine

Why you shouldn’t cancel your Caribbean trip because of the hurricanes just yet (September 2017)

One of the largest icebergs ever recorded is about to break free (July 2017)

What Trump’s Cuba Announcement Means for American Travelers (June 2017)


The AFAR Guide to El Salvador (November 2016)

The AFAR Guide to Cancún/Riviera Maya (October 2016)

How to Catch the Gorgeous Butterfly Monarch Migration Before It’s Over (March 2016)

Photo Essay: Cuba’s More Religious Than You Think (November 2015)

Photo Essay: Street Art Activism in San Juan (November 2015)

Colorado’s Hwy 50: The Best Road Trip You’ll Take This Fall (October 2015)

The AFAR Guide to Los Cabos (March 2014)

The AFAR Guide to Mexico City (March 2014)

The Best Hotels in Mexico City (September 2014)

The Best Hotels in Miami (December 2014)

airbnb magazine

Weekend Getaway: Rincón, Puerto Rico (Premiere Issue, May 2017)

All Digitocracy

Even in death, Fidel Castro and his legacy are proving difficult, if not impossible, for U.S. news media to report on in any measured way (November 2016)

National Park centennial coverage would lead you to believe only white men use, love, and write about our national parks (June 2016)

Decline in news industry diversity, and credibility, may go hand-in-hand (December 2015)

How do we fund independent journalism? (August 2015)

#AskMeMás invites Latinos/as to join list of experts for mainstream media (March 2015)

Americas Quarterly

Debt Crisis Gives Urgency to Puerto Rico’s Upcoming Statehood Vote (June 2017)

Riding Mexico’s Empty Tourism Train (March 2017)

Book Review: The Story of My Teeth (Winter 2016)

BBC-Lonely Planet
Miami’s Strategic Street Art (February 2013)

Exploring New York’s Erie Canal (October 2012)

Spain’s Catalonia after El Bulli (September 2012)

Mexico City’s ultra-niche museums (April 2012)

Mexico City’s dynamic street art (March 2012)

Bespoke (in-room magazine of St. Regis Hotels)
Puerto Rico in 10 Plates (Fall 2013 Feature, Print and Online)

Culture Capital: Mexico City’s Museums (Spring 2013 Feature, Print and Online)

Puerto Rico Farm-to-Table (Spring 2013, Cover Story, Print and Online)

Mexico City’s Museums (Spring 2013)

NASA’s Hidden Figures: Women You Need to Know (January 2017)

Raúl Castro Biography (Update/Edit) (January 2016)

Elián González Biography (Update/Edit) (January 2016)

Understanding Pope Francis: 10 Facts about the People’s Pope (September 2015)

Bio Passport: Frida & Diego’s America (March 2015)

Brain, Child Magazine
Book Review: Childhood and Society (August 2015)

Brooklyn Magazine

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Turns into Forum for Travel Ban Protesters (February 2017)

The Brooklyn Bodega Strike in Images: Thousands in Brooklyn Refocus Attention on Muslim Ban (February 2017)

Thousands of Brooklyn Kids Protest DeVos in Letter-writing Campaign (January 2017)

Budget Travel
World’s Best New Affordable Hotels (Mexico City entry) (October 2011, print edition)

CARA, Aer Lingus’s in-flight magazine
Summer Living: Escape to the Hamptons (April/May 2012, print edition)

Centro y Sur
Mexico City’s Urban Underground (December 2011)


Elida (An Essay about Family and Food in Cuba) (Spring 2017, print only)

Conde Nast Traveler Spain (in conjunction with Iberostar)
Exploring Cuba’s Keys (August 2017)

Contently’s The Freelancer

3 Ways to Actually Get Paid to Write about Books (July 2016)

Should You Pay to Boost Your Article on Social Media? (May 2016)

Why You Should Add Fixer to Your Resume (April 2016)

5 Ridiculous Excuses about Your Late Payment (March 2016)

10 (Serious) Tips for Surviving the Freelance Holiday Slump (December 2015)

Why Blink Could Save International Freelancers (September 2015)

Is Gmail Streak a Blessing or an Anxiety-Inducing Curse That’ll Make Editors Hate You? (April 2015)

Why Freelancers Should Spend More Time on Social in 2015 (February 2015)

Contributoria, in association with The Guardian

“Most of what I write about is already gone:” Ed Abbey’s complicated literary legacy (May 2015)

Puerto Rico’s New Design Movement (March 2015)

Frida Lives! The Continuing Appeal of Frida Kahlo (February 2015) (Also published in Portuguese by Calle2 in January 2016)

The Blaschkas: A Glass Menagerie (November 2014)

Ladies of the garden (October 2014)

Cuba Counterpoints
Cuban Boxers, Foreign Gaze (May 2017)

Book Review: Ruth Behar’s Lucky Broken Girl (March 2017)

Guantánamo: The Gastronomic Tour (October 2016)

Cultures & Cuisines
The Intimate Language of Food (September 2015)

Daily Worth

My Husband and I Are Full-Time Freelancers–and Full-Time Parents (August 2015)


Julie Negrin Will Die if the ACA Is Repealed (July 2017)

Just How Much Do Words Matter? (February 2017)

Are “Think Pieces” Hurting the Resistance Movement? (February 2017)

DeltaSKY (in-flight magazine of Delta Airlines)

Por las Nubes (August 2016)

Mérida Magic (June 2016)

Global Discovery: Puerto Rico (March 2015)

El Embellecido San Juan (in Despegando, the Spanish-language section of the magazine) (March 2015)

Interview with Viviana Gibelli in the Despegando section (Spanish-language section of the magazine) (March 2013)

Photo Essay: Guantanamo Bay, Site of Important Ecological Research (August 2010)

Dufry World (Magazine of Dufry, duty-free airport shops)
Magnificent Mexico City (2015)

The Best Restaurants, Cafés, and Attractions of Latin New York (October 2016)

Eden Life
Fine Pens (Spring 2015)
Bespoke Tailoring (Spring 2015)
Private Jets (Spring 2015)

Edible Queens
Restaurant profile: Go Ramen Go Life (forthcoming)

Emory Magazine
Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on: The Hand of the Bard (Summer 2015)

Food for Thought: Atlanta Food Walks highlight the role of food in Southern history (Summer 2015)

Lessons Unlearned: Memoir takes a hard look at a childhood marked by racism (Spring 2015)

Preserving a Sense of Place: National Trust Attorney Spends His Days Helping Save Historic Spaces (Spring 2015)

Portrait of the Artist (Fall 2013)

Surprise Sleuth (Fall 2013)

The Establishment
If You Want to Stop Gun Violence, You’re Going to Have to Pay (December 2015)

Fodors Caribbean, 2010 edition (contributing writer)
Fodors Puerto Rico, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 editions (contributing writer)

Foreign Policy
The Disappearances That Broke the Camel’s Back (November 2014)

The Leading Global Thinkers of 2014: In Conversation: Luís Videgaray (November 2014 online; December 2014 in print)

Four Seasons Magazine
Arte Pequeño – Mexico City (Issue 2, 2016)

FOX News Latino

The crowds came out for Pope Francis in Havana (September 2015)

Pope Francis in Cuba: Parishioners recall when an innocent ‘¡Dios mío! was risky (September 2015)

Calls to free jailed Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar López Rivera getting louder in NY (June 2015)

Former presidential candidate Marina Silva: “Brazil’s crisis could have been averted” (May 2015)

Latino community has own way of dealing with domestic violence, landmark study finds (April 2015)

Times Square performance honors Cuban artist, protests Castro regime’s treatment of her (April 2015)

Back from the brink, the Detroit Institute of Arts mounts major Diego Rivera-Frida Kahlo show (March 2015)

Opera houses in the U.S., struggling for survival, sing to Latino audiences (February 2015)

Marc Anthony’s foundation to open second orphanage, now in Colombia (February 2015)

Budget Travel Nicaragua (February 2013)

8 Latino-inspired Holiday Gifts (December 2012)

Nicaragua: Latin America’s Next Design Capital? (November 2012)

Interview with Guatemalan Vice-President, Roxana Baldetti (November 2012)

National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba Nears End of First US Tour (November 2012)

How to Plan a Mexican Independence Day Party (September 2012)

How to Travel to Cuba (September 2012)

Mexico’s Next “It” Destinations (August 2012)

Latin-inspired Summer Cocktail Recipes (July 2012)

After Sex Scandal, Drug War, Colombia Tourism Makes a Comeback (July 2012)

Planning a Trip to the Galapagos (July 2012)

Cita Rodríguez: Living out Her Father’s Legacy (July 2012)

Colombia PROEXPORT Interview (July 2012)

Budget Travel: Best of Barcelona (June 2012)

Human Skyscrapers in Big Apple (June 2012)

Budget Travel: Catalunya, Spain (June 2012)

Ferran Adria: World’s Greatest Chef Looks Ahead (June 2012)

Latin America’s Most Unusual Hotels (May 2012)

Celebrating Mole on the Real Cinco de Mayo (May 2012)

Budget Travel: Riviera Nayarit (April 2012)

Celebrating the Real 5 de Mayo (contributed reporting; April 2012)

Mayan End of the World Events Calendar (April 2012)

Budget Travel, Guadalajara, Mexico (March 2012)

Mayan Equinox Celebrations (March 2012)

NY Exhibit Celebrates Women (March 2012)

Puerto Rico’s Culinary Renaissance (March 2012)

Prince Harry’s Diamond Jubilee Visit to Belize (March 2012)

Belize’s Dilemma: Oil or Tourism? (March 2012)

Latin America’s Most Creative Cuisines (February 2012)

“We don’t ask for favors”: Meet Spain’s new political youth movement (March 2015)

Good Housekeeping
“I didn’t know a man could be abused…” (February 2016)

I’m Adopted- But That Doesn’t Mean You Should Feel Sorry For Me (December 2015)

22 Kids and Counting: How God Helped Us Grow Our Family (December 2015)

How to Talk to Your Kids about Tragedy (November 2015)

GOOD Magazine

Why a Papal Mass Matters in Havana (September 2015)

GOOD Cities Index: Mexico City (Winter 2014, print and online)

GOOD Cities Index: Mexico City (Winter 2013, print)

Huerto Tlatelolco (Spring 2014, print)

The Guardian
Hollywood has a diversity problem, but Broadway may be at a tipping point (February 2016)

The books that prove Black lives have always mattered (November 2015)

Fall 2015’s Best Latin American Books (September 2015)

One Large: Art project gives black-owned business a boost-$10 at a time (May 2015)

Juan Antonio Picasso: Cuban artist with famous ancestor keeps a low profile (April 2015)

“Return to Cuba or die:” Healthcare woes ended this Cuban refugee’s American dream (March 2015)

Only built for Cuban ink: A literary guide to the land of rum, rumba, and revolution (January 2015)

Locating Cuba: Julie Schwietert Collazo Interviews Rachel Price (December 2015)

Hakai Magazine

The Goddess Who Moves Like the Waves (March 2017)

Book Review: Venomous (December 2016)

Book Review: A Sea of Glass (May 2016)

Stay: Hippodrome, Mexico City (August 2015)


Students Fight Proposed Cuts to the Humanities at SUNY Stony Brook (June 2017)

Occupy Museums Hosts a Faux Graduation Ceremony at the Whitney Museum (May 2017)

A Strong but Steadfast Group of Artists Gathers in NYC to Protest Trump’s Anti-Arts Agenda (April 2017)

Tania Bruguera Pulls Work from Show at Bronx Museum, Claiming It’s Complicit in Cuban Censorship (January 2017)

The Challenge of Making U.S. Museums Multilingual (January 2017)

Amnesty International Calls for Release of Cuban Dissident Artist (October 2015)

An Artwork Forces Us to Face Mexico’s Disappeared Students (August 2015)

In the Face of Violence, a Mexican Artist Finds Sanity in Stereotypes (January 2015)

Artists Put Faces to the Missing Students of Mexico (November 2014)

At the Guggenheim, Three Critical Takes on Latin America (September 2014)

Q&A with’s Brooke Binkowski: Finding the future of fact-checking (January 2016)

Inside “Las Rutas del Oro,”a model for multimedia activist journalism (January 2016)

Q&A with Calle2’s Ana Magalhães: Bringing new Latin American perspectives to Brazil (January 2016)

Q&A with Sandra Rodríguez Nieto: Creating journalism in a culture of impunity (December 2015)

Why some promising freelance platforms fail (October 2015)

Q&A with Alice Driver: How journalists can cover violence against women in Mexico and abroad (September 2015)

Q&A with Marta Monteiro: The role of illustrations in international news (September 2015)

Puerto Rico 101: A primer for journalists new to the Boricua beat (August 2015)

LatinClima fills void as Spanish-language climate change resource for journalists (August 2015)

Four documentaries about journalism in Mexico (July 2015)

Flickr’s Commons expands international resources for journalists (July 2015)

Three steps to ensure responsible desk reporting on Mexico (July 2015)

Covering Haiti and the Dominican Republic: Two journalists weigh in (June 2015)

Persona de Interés gives reporters a go-to resource on cartels and corruption (June 2015)

How to report on Cuba responsibly (May 2015)

How freelancers are funding independent journalism with Contributoria (May 2015)

Beyond Yoani Sánchez: 4 Cuban bloggers to know (April 2015)

Jersey Bound Latino

Two Marias create affordable communities building one house at a time (Summer 2016)

Young developer Mario Camino and the “new” Plainfield (Summer 2016)

A family pastime becomes a recipe for success (Summer 2016)

UCC’s scholarship program helps students achieve dreams (Summer 2016)

Helping Latinos is a family tradition for Hispanic Chamber’s Carlos Medina (Summer 2016)

Jersey Malls captivate Latin shoppers (Summer 2016)

The Kitchn
Food Lovers’ Guide to Mexico (June 2017)

The Picnic Rule I Totally Disagree with (June 2017)

Latin Correspondent

Jeb Bush to Puerto Rico: Worry about debt before status (January 2016)

Puerto Rican police officer kills three colleagues (December 2015)

Who’s your granny? The fight for the Latino vote (December 2015)

US Congress denies Puerto Rico bankruptcy bailout (December 2015)

Mexico “discovers” 1.4 million Afro-Mexicans in recent census (December 2015)

Puerto Rico’s governor calls on US to allow bankruptcy of island (December 2015)

New documentary, “Kingdom of Shadows,” shows complexity of players in “Drug War” (November 2015)

As US Playboy ends nude photos, Latin American editions do not follow suit (October 2015)

Puerto Rico Police Department officers indicted for criminal ring (October 2015)

Proyecto Habesha welcomes Syrian students to Mexico (October 2015)

Two weeks after latest death threat, journalist Lydia Cacho continues to confront sex trafficking (October 2015)

Mexico passes country-wide minimum wage increase (September 2015)

Raúl Castro addresses United Nations General Assembly; scheduled to meet Obama today (September 2015)

Latin America shows up for Pope Francis’s first Mass in Cuba (September 2015)

In advance of papal visit, Cuban seeks apology for Operación Pedro Pan (September 2015)

Latin America responds to Syria crisis (September 2015)

Interview with Héctor Tobar, author of Deep Down Dark (September 2015)

TEDxMonumento258 is first bilingual, cross-border TEDx event (September 2015)

Mexico City’s taxi eléctrico fleet finally takes to the streets (September 2015)

Good looks not enough to boost approval ratings, avoid scrutiny for Mexico’s president (August 2015)

Mexico translates its constitution into Mayan (August 2015)

Call intensifies for Chapter 9 bankruptcy for Puerto Rico (July 2015)

Mexicans exercise for free Metro fare (July 2015)

Puerto Rico celebrates first official gay marriage (July 2015)

Amazon launches in Mexico (July 2015)

Puerto Rican governor addresses public after debt crisis confession (June 2015)

US Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality reverberates in Puerto Rico (June 2015)

“Trans people aren’t just sex workers”: LGBT activist Ivana Fred on Puerto Rico’s diverse trans community (June 2015)

Momentum builds for release of Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera (June 2015)

Massive study details alarming extent of corruption in Mexico (May 2015)

Republican senators in US propose law to compel Cuba to pay billions in reimbursement (May 2015)

Marine expedition in Puerto Rico finds rare species, warns against further degradation (May 2015)

New report: Displacement is rising in Latin America (May 2015)

Ayotzinapa +43 “anti-monument” erected without permission in Mexico City (April 2015)

U.S. presidential candidates set their sights on Puerto Rico, but only for their own advantage (April 2015)

FBI raids office of Puerto Rico’s independent gubernatorial candidate Alexandra Lúgaro (March 2015)

Operation Borinqueneer spurs criticism, conspiracy theories in Puerto Rico (March 2015)

Puerto Rican lawyer Alexandra Lúgaro announces controversial candidacy without party affiliation (March 2015)

Historic archaeological find won’t stop construction in Puerto Rico (March 2015)

Puerto Rican women take to street, Internet to protest police sexism (February 2015)

Puerto Rican Senator proposes “Fat Law” for overweight kids (February 2015)

Are Oaxaca’s traditions in danger of disappearing? Depends who you ask. (February 2015)

Puerto Rican conservation group works to preserve US’s only Latino National Treasure (January 2015)

“We have an opening up in history”: John M. Ackerman discusses Ayotzinapa and what’s next (December 2014)

Mexico approves constitutional change banning street protests (December 2014)

Mexico’s tradition of graphic design, cartooning stronger than ever in wake of missing students (December 2014)

With art and music, Latinos in US respond to Ayotzinapa (November 2014)

A decade in the most amazing place on earth: Paul Rosolie on life in the Peruvian Amazon (November 2014)

Anonymous launches “Operation Sky Angels” in response to Ayotzinapa (November 2014)

#YaMeCansé: Mexico Attorney General’s closing remark sparks protests and a hashtag (November 2014)

Art in a time of agony: Mexican artist Valeria Gallo speaks about #IlustradoresconAyotzinapa (November 2014)

“Dead man walking” has a whole new meaning with Puerto Rico’s “muerto para’o” (November 2014)

Saving a place where bad things happened: The preservation fight over Puerto Rico’s Oso Blanco prison (October 2014)

Uber: The Solution to Mexico City’s Transportation Problems? (October 2014)

“I had an abortion and I’m at peace”: Taking women’s health to the streets in Puerto Rico (October 2014)

Belize national park conflict escalates after young police officer’s murder (September 2014)

On “Genesis”: An interview with Lélia Wanick Salgado (September 2014)

Puerto Rican designers promote homegrown fashion (September 2014)

Illegal logging, poaching threaten Belize’s largest national forest (September 2014)

Puerto Rico’s fight to escape ‘second-class’ citizenship (September 2014)

Puerto Rico’s population declines for first time in 50+ years (August 2014)

The Latin Kitchen

How to Plan a Puerto Rican Parranda (December 2015)

What’s the Water Footprint of Your Favorite Food? (November 2015)

How Much Do You Know about the Mineral Water You’re Drinking? (November 2015)

Opening Soon: J. by José Andrés at W Mexico City (October 2015)

Olive Oil 101 (September 2015)

I Pledge Allegiance to Pegao: 7 Reasons to Love Burned Rice (September 2015)

Back to the Roots: Latino Food Entrepreneurs We Love (September 2015)

Sticker Shock: The High Cost of Making Tequila (September 2015)

4 Drinks You Should Never Order at a Busy Bar (August 2015)

5 Latin American Food Facts You Probably Don’t Know (July 2015)

The Next Big Thing: 7 Emerging Latin Food Trends (July 2015)

Do American Food Trends Harm or Help Farmers and Production? (July 2015)

5 CSAs You Should Check Out (July 2015)

Start Smoking Now: The Case for Cooking with a Smoker (June 2015)

How to Be a Grill Master: Secret Grilling Tips from Top Chefs (May 2015)

Why Are Chia Seeds So Gooey and Other Fun Food Facts (April 2015)

4 Cheap Latin Vacations That Feel Fancy (April 2015)

More Than Morton’s: A Guide to Fancy Salts (April 2015)

4 Cuban Chefs Dish on Cuban Travel, Food, and History (April 2015)

10 Food Secrets Farmers Wish You Knew (March 2015)

Cooking with Sazón: Latina Chefs on Who Inspires Them (March 2015)

5 Obscure Latin Spirits Every Liquor Snob Should Know (March 2015)

How (and Why) to Organize a Meat Share (March 2015)

Why Chef Jorge Vallejo Loves Mexico City (November 2014)

Winding Road to Success with Chef Pablo Salas (October 2014)

5 Best Food Tours of Mexico City (October 2014)

5 Latin American Coffee Brands Worth Tasting (September 2014)

Food (Con)Fusion: Latin Meets Jewish (September 2014)

Sweet Talk with NYC Chocolatier, Maribel Lieberman (September 2014)

Brave Heart: Chef Gloria Arteaga (September 2014)

Discover Delicious El Salvador with Alicia Maher (September 2014)

Fall Cookbook Preview (August 2014)

US Open Guide: 5 Latin Spots We Love (August 2014)

Battle of the Rice Cookers: Which Brand is the Best for You? (August 2014)

8 Scrumptious Summer Snacks You Must Try (August 2014)

Open: Chela & Garnacha (July 2014)

Travel Coffee Maker Showdown: Which One Works Best? (July 2014)

Security Check: TSA-Approved Culinary Carry-ons (July 2014)

Spanish Hams 101 (July 2014)

Save Money, Avoid Waste: How to Recycle Ingredients (June 2014)

Next Stop: Food, Flavor, Fun- The Essential Dishes of Nicaragua (June 2014)

Where to Watch the World Cup in NYC (June 2014)

The History of Mexican Talavera Pottery (June 2014)

7 Foodie Family Vacations (May 2014)

Which Coffee Maker Should You Buy? (May 2014)

Guide to Latin Ingredients in New York City (May 2014)

How to Reuse in the Kitchen: Veggies and Fruit (May 2014)

Mario Pagán to Cook at James Beard House (April 2014)

Puerto Rico’s New Culinary Superstars (April 2014)

Semana Santa around Latin America (April 2014)

Psychological Cocktails by Paco Cao (April 2014)

Mexican Food Mecca Coming to Manhattan (April 2014)

How to Order Coffee in Latin America: An Illustrated Guide (March 2014)

7 Essential Kitchen Gadgets (March 2014)

Chefs and Their Charities (March 2014)

5 Ways to Use Overripe Plantains (March 2014)

Baja Meets NYC with Winemaker Mauricio Cantú (February 2014)

Baja Meets NYC with Winemaker Joaquin Prieto (February 2014)

Stock up: The Andean Brewing Company (February 2014)

Puerto Rico’s New Cheese Movement (February 2014)

Ferran Adria and Exhibit, “Notes on Creativity,” Arrive in New York (January 2014)

Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Black Octopus with Sweet Onions and Ají Dulce Recipe (January 2014)

Sotol 101 (January 2014)

Navidad around the World (December 2013)

Bitters 101 (December 2013)

Gifts That Give Back (December 2013)

The Dish: Desnuda’s Smoked Oysters (November 2013)

Talking Tacos and Tequila with Timon Balloo (October 2013)

El Ñosh Pop-up Comes to NYC (October 2013)

Mexican Court Says No to GMO Corn (October 2013)

edX Offers Food-Science Course Taught by Culinary Powerhouses (October 2013)

The Dish: Quintonil’s Nopal-Lime Sorbet (August 2013)

Catching up with Danny Mena (August 2013)

Txakoli 101: Basque Country’s Social Cider (August 2013)

How to Vacation Proof Your Fridge (July 2013)

Spain’s Winery Hotels (June 2013)

Paraguayan Food 101 (May 2013)

Puerto Rico Hosts 2nd Annual Restaurant Week (May 2013)

The Plague of the Delicious Lionfish (April 2013)

Ferran Adria and elBulli Go on Tour (April 2013)

Anticipating Climate Change at Concha y Toro (April 2013)

Dessertcrawling in Cartagena’s Centro Histórico (April 2013)

Announcing the First World Street Food Congress (February 2013)

Taking a Bite Out of Hurricane Sandy (February 2013)

Five Latin Cookbooks for Your Christmas Gift List (December 2012)

Interview with Chef Martha Ortiz Chapa of Dulce Patria (October 2012)

Latina Magazine
Puerto Rican Road Trip (September 2010)

Longitude Magazine
Marvelous Manhasset (March-April 2012)

Los Angeles Review of Books
“The only cure for homesickness is more homesickness”: Julie Schwietert Collazo interviews Ruth Behar (December 2014)

Marriott Traveler

New York on the Cheap? Forget the City, Head to the Finger Lakes (May 2017)

10 Puerto Rico Must-do’s the Kids (and Grown-ups!) Will Love (January 2017)

Where to Channel Your Inner Beach Bum on Puerto Rico’s Outer Islands (January 2017)

M, Martinair’s in-flight magazine
How to Live Like a Local in Havana (Winter 2010, print edition)


How to Pitch: Rodale’s Organic Life (October 2015)

How to Pitch: Roads & Kingdoms (August 2014)

How to Pitch: GOOD (accessible to AvantGuild members only) (July 2014)

How to Pitch: BBC Travel (accessible to AvantGuild members only) (July 2014)

How to Pitch: The Latin Kitchen (accessible to AvantGuild members only) (June 2014)

How to Pitch: Latina (accessible to AvantGuild members only) (June 2014)

Mental Floss
7 Tips for Traveling to Cuba (January 2017)

MorningCalm (in-flight magazine of Korean Air)

Beyond Havana (March 2016)

Ms. Magazine
The Michelle Obama of Belize (Fall 2012)

The Magazine (Note: This publication is now defunct.)
The Mexican Digital Library (March 5, 2014, published in collaboration with

Connecting the Dots (February 13, 2014)

National Geographic Traveller – UK edition
Top 8: The Bronx for beginners (September 2016)

National Geographic Traveler – US edition

Best Places of the World, 2015: The Sea Islands of South Carolina (December 2014/January 2015)

Where the Turtle Actually Won the Race (April 2014)

Taxco: A Lightbulb Moment in Mexico (December 2013/January 2014)

Best Places of the World, 2013: Memphis (December 2012/January 2013)

Viva Mexico City (September 2011)

The New York Times – Motherlode
Covering the Ferguson Verdict Protests, with Kids in the Minivan (November 2014)

Nieman Reports
Advice for Editors and Producers Developing Disaster Coverage Plans (October 2017)

Nieman Storyboard
An alt-weekly editor steps up to the plate to back a freelancer’s controversial story (September 2017)

Honoring Mexican journalist Javier Valdez: Today, and always, our voice is our strength (June 2017)

5(ish) Questions: Phoebe Zerwick and “The Last Days of Darryl Hunt” (May 2017)

5(ish) Questions: Legendary editor Gene Roberts reflects on a lifetime in journalism (May 2017)

5(ish) Questions: Latino USA Producer Marlon Bishop on the backstory of the NPR show’s most downloaded episode ever (March 2017)

In Divided Nicaragua, National Dish Brings Rich and Poor Together (September 2015)

NowU (Gannett) (Note: This publication is now defunct.)

Gifts of a Lifetime: Around the World in 24 Days (December 2014)

On the trail of great art: 3 ways to uncover hidden gems for your collection (November 2014)

Love art? Here’s how to start collecting it (September 2014)

Foreign Countries Lure American Expats (August 2014)

Tropics Lure Expat Entrepreneurs (August 2014)

Checking in: Expats Become Hoteliers (August 2014)

Orlando Weekly

Book Review: “The Cuban Table” reminds us that, politics aside, Cuban families have always prized hospitality (December 2014)

Book Review: ‘Prince of Los Cocuyos’: Richard Blanco’s hyphenated Miami youth (October 2014)

Book Review: “In ‘Eating Wildly,’ Ava Chin learns life lessons through foraging (July 2014)

The 5 Best Places to Raise Outdoor Kids (May 2013)

Interview: Rafa Ortiz on Hucking Waterfalls and Facing Death (February 2013)

Paste Magazine

Of Presidents and Palates (May 2017)

The Resistance Must be Fed (February 2017)

Pitt Magazine (the alumni magazine of The University of Pittsburgh)

“Go to Pittsburgh”: How a Cancer Institute Came of Age (Summer 2016)

Porthole Cruise Magazine
Made in the Shade: Profile of Haberdasher Guillermo Cristian Jeffs (February 2014)

Like a Local: San Juan [Puerto Rico] (December 2013)

Preferred Travel (Magazine of Preferred Hotels & Resorts)

High notes from Harlem: Profile of opera singer Noah Stewart (Fall 2015)

The new Whitney: The rebirth of a grand dame (Fall 2015)

Style to Go: Sunstruck Fashion Truck (Fall 2015)

Food Hero: Project Green Fork (July 2013)

Help Turn This School bus into a Mobile Shop Showcasing Mexican Art and Design Talent (June 2016)

Social engagement art project Color Libre takes street art beyond San Juan (November 2015)

After anti-domestic violence mural is vandalized, Puerto Rican women fight back (October 2015)

Frida Kahlo’s Unpublished Love Letters Are up For Auction Tomorrow (April 2015)

Would Frida Kahlo Hate How Her Image Gets Used Today? (January 2015)

Watch 4 Protest Corridos Dedicated to Mexico’s Missing Students (November 2014)

Roads + Kingdoms
Why Would Anyone Go to Suriname? (January 2014. Published in collaboration with

Scientific American
America’s Island of Enchantment: Environmental Hazards and Hope in Puerto Rico (May 2011)

Sherman’s Travel
3 Things to Know before You Travel to Cuba (August 2016)

10 Places to Avoid the Cuba Hotel Crunch (May 2016)

Cuba: Getting around and Getting Connected (August 2015)

How to Deal with Money in Cuba (August 2015)

Where to Stay in Cuba (August 2015)

How to Book a Flight to Cuba (July 2015)

Planning a Cuba trip? Here’s what you need to think about (July 2015)

SilverKris, Singapore Airlines’ in-flight magazine

Frida Kahlo’s Mexico City (August 2015)

Terrific at 200 (March 2011)

Holidays with Heart (December 2010)

Why Would Anyone Go to Suriname? (January 2014. Published in collaboration with Roads + Kingdoms)

STIR Journal
I Didn’t Breastfeed and My Kids are Healthy and Happy (October 2014)

Swiss Style
Profile of Brazilian Hotelier (Summer 2015) (PDF available upon request)

Experience Not Necessary (Profile of Karen Feldman, Founder of Artel) (Spring 2015) (PDF available upon request)

The New York Botanical Garden (Profile of Karen Daubmann, Vice President) (Spring 2015) (PDF available upon request)

Tales of the Cocktail
Puerto Rican Pitorro Makes Its Way Stateside (February 2016)

Why is Mexico City Fascinated with Speakeasies? (November 2015)

On the Search for an Emerging Cuban Cocktail Culture (October 2015)

Teen Vogue
This 15-Year-Old Is Bringing Solar-Powered Lights to Hurricane Maria Victims (September 2017)


How to Talk to Your Kids about Donald Trump (March 2016)

A Little Place I Know: 24 of the World’s Best-Kept Secrets (print and online; March 25, 2013)

End of the World? Not for the Maya of Belize (December 2012)

Travel + Leisure
Travel + Leisure Guide to Mexico City (November 2016) (This site is now defunct)
Colombia puts itself back on the map with new travel blogging campaign

Don’t call it a comeback yet: The future of farming in Puerto Rico (July 2017)

Five things to watch in Havana (February 2015)

Raising kids in the city (September 2014)

Reinventing the writers’ residency (August 2014)

Art exhibits in unused space: A winning combination for urban renewal? (June 2014)

Changing the streets one bike share station at a time (April 2014)

Upstate House
At Home, on the Land (Spring 2015)

U.S. Catholic
A quiet grief (November 2016, print)

Where to celebrate Independence Day in Mexico City (September 2014)

Puerto Rico’s archaeological sites (September 2014)

Village Voice
Puerto Rico Can’t Get Prompt Aid Because It’s Puerto Rico (October 2017)

Voyeur (in-flight magazine for Virgin Airlines)
Mexican Standout (March 2016, print)

Mexican Medley (July 2014, print)

World Travel Guide
New York State Guide: update and new content (2012)

United States Guide: update and new content (2012)

Puerto Rico Guide: update and new content (2011)

Syndicated Work
Work has been syndicated by:
Boulder Weekly

Michelin Havana, 2017 edition (fact-checker/updater)
DK Eyewitness Yucatán, 2017 edition (fact-checker/updater)
Fodors Caribbean, 2010 edition (contributing writer)
Fodors Puerto Rico, 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016 editions (contributing writer)
Moon New York State, 6th edition (2014) (sole author)
Moon Spotlight Adirondacks (2014) (sole author)
Moon Spotlight Finger Lakes (2014) (sole author)
DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Mexico (2015 and 2017) (fact-checker/updater)
Newcomer’s Handbook for Moving to and Living in New York City, 23rd edition (2015) (fact-checker/updater)

Pope Francis in His Own Words. (Co-editor. 2013. Published in the US by New World Library. Published in the UK by HarperCollins UK. Also published in Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Korea, The Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain). Reviewed by Portland Book Review; Curve Magazine; and others.

“A Cuban-Carolinian Christmas.” Essay included in the Hub City Holiday Anthology, Hub City Writers Project (2013).

No Foreign Lands (Associate editor. 2012)

The Voluntary Traveler (Chapter author. 2009)


Audubon Magazine (2016)
Fact-check features with Latin America-related content.

California Sunday Magazine (2014-present)
Fact-check various feature articles with Latin America-related content.

StoryCorps: (Fall 2015)
Fact-checked Callings book. (Winter 2012)
Served as writer and editor for hotel descriptions project.

Zagat: (Fall 2012)
Fact-checked 800+ restaurants for the new Zagat Mexico City guide.

Fortnighter: (2012)
Created original,customized travel itineraries for Puerto Rico.

MatadorNetwork’s online travel writing, travel photography, and new media school, MatadorU, commissioned Julie to write three chapters of the twelve chapter curriculum for the writing course. From the program’s start in 2009 until April 2012, Julie served as the lead faculty member of the travel writing course.

TRANSLATION (English-Spanish/Spanish-English) WORK

Catholic Church (2016-present)
Website and communications translation projects.

Pronto Insurance (2015-present)
Blog post translations.

Inter-American Development Bank (2015-present)
Technical document translation.

National Geographic Explorer (Fall 2015)
Consulting translator for “The Cult of Mary” documentary.

The New York Times (Winter 2014)
Consulting translator for an article in “New York’s Neediest” series.

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Surveillance Self-Defense Guide (October 2014)

Hawaiian Tropic (2015)
Lang Lang International Music Foundation (2015)
Belize Tourism Board’s Belize Travel Guidebook (2012)
Bespoke Magazine (Mexico City Issue, Spring 2013)
Cara Magazine (April/May 2012)
Centro y Sur (December 2011)
DISCOVER Magazine (August 2010)
Edible Manhattan (Summer 2012)
Fodor’s Puerto Rico (2010 and 2012 editions)
FOX News Latino (Various, ongoing)
Latina Magazine (September 2010)
Longitude Magazine (May 2012)
New York Post (March 2013)
New York Times (March 2013)
Scientific American (May 2011)
TIME(March 2013)

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