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Cuaderno Inedito/Unedited Notebook


Julie Schwietert Collazo is a bilingual (English-Spanish) writer, editor, and translator whose work covers a wide range of topics and interests, from art to science and from food to Pope Francis.

A former creative arts therapist, Julie left the field of social work and psychotherapy in 2004 to live abroad and to focus on her own writing full-time. In the years since, she has interviewed a First Lady and Ferran Adría, has covered the state visit of a royal, was one of the few journalists permitted to visit the US detention facility at Guantanamo Bay in 2008, and has co-written/edited a book about Pope Francis, which to date has been translated into 10 languages.

And those are just the highlights.

She has lived in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Mexico City, and has traveled to plenty of other countries besides, though she’s not one of those annoying people who counts passport stamps or ticks visited countries off a list.

Lest you think her life is all glamour all the time, fear not: she’s received hundreds of rejection slips (or, worse, no response at all) and has often lived on the precipice of financial ruin, as most writers do.

She has written for a number of print and online magazines, including National Geographic Traveler, Outside, Scientific American, DISCOVER, Saveur, Latina, and TIME (full list of magazines here) and has contributed to several books (full list of book projects here).

She has just finished updating and rewriting the sixth edition of the travel guidebook Moon New York State, of which she is the sole author.

She lives in New York City with her children and her husband, the photographer Francisco Collazo.


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  1. There is an excellent embedded journo blog by Michael Yon at

    I am not sure if you have come across it before, but if not, it’s well worth a read.

  2. Hi Julie…thanks for publishing this blog, I really love it. It has inspired me to start a personal inspiration/reminder/things I like blog…but for my eyes only for now, its a real stress reliever 🙂

  3. Great thing you have here, Julie. I’m ging to sign-up as a Follower or Reader, whatever the heck it’s called. But, a word of caution: I’m a lousy follower !


  4. I found your name and a link to this page on Reeti’s blog (she is a classmate). She’d written about how you helped her find her calling as a journalist. I read some of your writing, and loved it. I’m an aspiring writer too, and even though I don’t know how you helped Reeti out, I’m asking for a bit of it myself, if time allows you. You have my email. I’d appreciate a line. Thanks.

  5. Well, thanks for the invite, Julie. I look forward to bringing my unique brand of brilliance–and I’m usually so self-effacing–to your blog and the discussion of what makes good writing good and great writing great.

    And that all-important wordplay attitude.

    Thanks for the invite, Julie.


    • Hi, Jay- Thanks for stopping by. Just checked out your blog- I like your sense of humor. Looking forward to learning more about you. Peace, Julie

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  7. Great and informative source for any aspiring travel writer!

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