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Welcome, if you’re here via WP’s “Freshly Pressed”

My, my, my, wasn’t I surprised when the email from WordPress had nothing to do with updates, upgrades, or domain renewals?

Instead, WordPress was writing to say that this little ole’ blog, CuadernoInedito (that’s UneditedNotebook in Spanish), is going to be featured on its “Freshly Pressed” page in the next few days because the good folks who curate that page liked the fact that this post was “personal, but also resourceful to others.”


That's me in my writer guise. (Photo: Francisco Collazo)

That’s me in my writer guise. (Photo: Francisco Collazo)

If you’re new, welcome. CuadernoInedito is a blog that’s about life as a writer, editor, and reader. I have been/am all three (I’ve also been a psychotherapist/creative arts therapist, owner of an art gallery, and an educational tour guide. And trust me, somehow, they’re all related). It’s about what I’ve learned/am learning. It’s about what I do wrong and, occasionally, what I do right. It’s about the struggles of colleagues in the field. It’s also, at times, the platform for a reflection or rant about the industry and a general lament that with all of the resources at our disposal, we’re not doing a better job of telling stories. It’s about ethics and the lack thereof, and resources. It’s about “We’re all in this together so let’s stop bullshitting and pretending that there’s some wizard behind the publication curtain.”

Because there’s not.

Above all, I have always wanted this blog to be useful to readers. Some are established, productive, successful writers. Others are fledgling writers. And still others aren’t writers at all, but people who find some value in taking whatever little lessons I’m eking out here and applying them to their own situations and lives. They tell their stories and share their experiences in the comments in long, lovely, thoughtful, respectful passages, and I’m gratified for their authenticity and honesty. I’m also grateful when they challenge me, pushing me to go deeper and farther (or is that further? I never remember) in my own thinking.

So welcome. Dig around. Share your stories. I also have another blog:, which is mostly, but not totally, about travel.

I hope you’ll stick around and join the conversation. And if you ever want to reach me directly, I’m at collazoprojects[at]gmail[dot]com.


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  1. Indeed this is why I’m here and, frankly, I’m smitten.

    Fantastic writing. I’m very much looking forward to reading you on a regular basis!


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