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4 More Resources for Writers

I’m a big believer in sharing resources, so it’s time once again to open up my reader and let you in on a few blogs and websites I find really useful for writers:

inVocus Media Moves Blog
This site is most useful for writers who work in print; the daily listings on inVocus log the comings and goings of editors and other staff, and provide what writers always wish we didn’t have to track down: editors’ email addresses and other “direct line” contact information.

This site is a really excellent complement to another resource: Media Bistro’s “Revolving Door” newsletter.

IJNet Blog
IJnet’s website is just incredible– full of resources, both online and off, for writers from all sorts of backgrounds (geographical, topical, and on and on). There are job listings, advice-type posts (but interesting, original, relevant advice, not rewarmed “top 5 so-and-so tips”), and contests and other opportunities. The blog also keeps tabs on interesting journalism projects around the world. I love its global focus and find something useful on this site every day.

Nielsen and Web Marketing Association
This one is for the bloggers and social media lovers among you. If you thought Nielsen was just preoccupied with TV ratings, you’re wrong; it tracks all sorts of media-use trends. And Web Marketing Association’s daily newsletter, delivered via email if you want it that way, is a round-up of emerging trends and patterns related to social media These two sites are particularly useful for those of you who are looking for hard data and numbers. Both groups also hold free webinars that are pretty interesting.

Have any favorite resources you like to consult? Share them in the comments.


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  1. Thank you for being generous enough to give us some helpful and informative sites. Many writers would not give away trade secrets and might keep the ones that were most beneficial for themselves. This only displays a confidence in your craft and a generosity in your soul.

    • Julie Schwietert Collazo

      You’re welcome- I’m so happy to share useful resources with other writers. I think there are more stories to share than any of us could ever possibly share on our own, so I’d rather writers be informed and have useful resources; I’m a big believer in sharing. 🙂


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