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Seeking sources: Cuba travel; Galapagos travel; Unexpected places to experience Latino culture

Putting out a call to travelers, PR pros, and destination representatives: I’m working on a few articles for FOX News Latino and am seeking sources to speak on the record about these topics:

-Legally traveling to Cuba from the United States: Have you done it? With what organization or agency? What was your experience? Any tips for travelers doing this for the first time?

-Planning a trip to the Galapagos: Have you planned a trip to the Galapagos? How did you choose a tour operator? Who did you choose and why did you choose them? What would you do differently if you returned? Any tips for travelers doing this for the first time?

Unexpected places to experience Latino culture in the US and Canada: Do you know of any towns or cities that have some strong tie to Latino culture but aren’t among the usual suspects (ie: New York City, Chicago, LA, Miami, etc.). I want to hear about it and know why it’s a great place to learn more about or experience Latino culture.

Have any leads or ideas to share for any of these stories? Please email me at writingjulie[at]gmail[dot]com.

And thanks!


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