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Gabriel Orozco on art & disappointment

[I find a great deal of inspiration in the other arts. I came across this 2009 review of Gabriel Orozco’s retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art and found so many of critic Peter Schjeldahl’s ideas profoundly thought-provoking. Here are a couple excerpts.]

“Crisp diagrammatic layouts of exfoliating circles and arcs, on white grounds, the paintings have few fans among critics. I sure don’t like them, although Orozco’s patient remark in their defense gives me pause: ‘People forget that I want to disappoint.’ That strategy, targeting the ‘expectations of the one who waits to be amazed,’ has worked well for him. I vividly remember being outraged in the proverbial manner of a philistine exposed to modern art when, for his first solo gallery show in New York, in 1994, Orozco displayed, on the walls of the main room… nothing but four Dannon yogurt lids. I recovered, by and by, to take the artist’s point, which amounted to disappointment as aesthetic therapy…. Are they art? No. They are Dannon yogurt lids. The art part is a triggered awareness that the world teems with vernacular loveliness. If you overlook that, it’s sad for you….”


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