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Backstory of a never-published article

After shopping the query for this piece around for a couple months, the editor of a major US paper’s food section finally bit.

I was thrilled; I really wanted to be published by the paper. Moreso, I really wanted the piece to see the light of day rather than sit on my hard drive.

I spent hours and hours and days and days, working on the piece, and sent it off to the editor at the 11th hour. It was returned with comments that would have changed the article substantially, far beyond what I was willing to revise. I let it sit in my inbox for a couple of weeks while I contemplated: Should I make the changes even though they didn’t feel right to me just for the sake of getting published, or should I not make the changes and thank the editor for his time?

There was, of course, a third option- to talk it through with the editor-and that option seems blindingly obvious right now, but it didn’t occur to me at all a year ago. Or it did, but I was too scared.

So what happened? The piece sat on my hard drive and here we are a year later. It’s too late to start from scratch; there’s an element of timeliness that’s been lost for a print publication.

I’m sorry I let the opportunity slip through my hands, but I stand by the original version of the piece, which I just published on my other blog, CollazoProjects.


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