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A travel writer’s shoes

I’ve had these boots since at least January 2007, maybe 2006, so it’s not unreasonable that they should be wearing a hole in the soles. They’ve been lots of places, and I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of them.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that they make walking uncomfortable. I *should* go buy a new pair, but so far, I haven’t. Shoe shopping is one of several things in my life that just never seems to get done- I have so many other things I’d rather do with my time than contemplate whether a shoe feels right… much less whether it looks good (I know my mother is reading this and nodding, saying something like, “Well, at least she tells the truth.”)

There are lots of other things I don’t ever seem to get around to. My winter coat, which I’ve also had for a long time–I’m guessing eight years– is missing at least one button. I could drop it off to get it fixed, but that would mean I’d have to remember to go pick it up. I could try to sew the button myself (I even have it!), but that seems like a colossal waste of time; whenever I sew a button on it is either too loose or too tight, never just right (here, my mother is nodding again, and rolling her eyes, wondering why I never learned to sew). I could get a new winter coat (the inside lining is torn up, too), which is what Francisco has suggested, but… I like this coat. I don’t want have to find something new to like or, worse, to try to like. I could ask Francisco sew the button on, but that would be admitting that in many ways I’m a terribly helpless creature when it comes to domestic tasks. Really, though, he already knows this.


What do you never seem to get around to? Why?


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  1. Just retired the 12-year-old winter coat with the zip tie run through the eye of the broken zipper. Scared to wear the new one.

  2. I never seem to get around to everything on my to-do list. Sure, I hit the deadlines, but the letter to my homestay brother in Kenya has been on the list since July of last year as have brainstorming sessions, going paperless, catching up on all of my magazines, redecorating my office and washing the comforter that’s been sitting on top of the dryer for at least a few months.

  3. I’m so glad there are other people who have coat separation anxiety. I have this military style Rocawear peacoat that I bought for $20 at Macys on super sale and the buttons have popped off literally dozens of times. There are all kinds of silver buttons on that coat now. But I can’t give it up-it’s an extension of my body!

  4. I so sympathize with this. My to-do list is a novel-length record of all the things I mean to do but never get around to – dry cleaning, correspondance, repairing old boots I can’t bear to part with even though they cost me more to get re-soled than it would to buy a new pair. My trusty winter coat, too, has lost all of its buttons; my solution has been to pretend that it’s getting warmer, and wear a lighter coat instead.

    But I’ve also discovered there can be great pleasure in doing the little domestic things that I like to put off. Last weekend my boyfriend and I spent a few hours in town, buying things that we were long overdue to buy. I never knew there could be so much intimacy – or satisfaction – in purchasing a toilet brush.

  5. Also buying shoes, specifically dress shoes that actually fit (as opposed to dress shoes that are a size to small and made me bleed yesterday – I wear them so rarely I tricked myself into thinking they fit).

    And I’ve been meaning to look for a purse that can double as a camera bag (or just fit my camera), because I’ve been using a Jansport bag I “borrowed” from my boyfriend for more than a year… and it just doesn’t look good with the too-small dress shoes, or anything fancy.

  6. I’m reading this and thinking, Yep. Yep. Uh huh. I’ve been wearing a pair of trousers for two years that are too long and I finally hemmed them last week. It’s like having a new pair! So, what you do is get a piece of cardboard that is as thick as your coat fabric, cut a slit in it and place it in between the coat and the button so that the holes in the button are lined up with the slit in the cardboard. It holds the button out the correct distance while you whip the thread round a few times to attach the button. 10 minutes. Ridiculous comment, I know.

  7. I’m loving the comments, if for no other reason than they make me feel like much less of a schlub.

    I should also mention, now that we’re all full steam ahead on disclosures, that I rarely get around to getting a hair cut. My personal best record in this department is a year and a half between cuts.

    Truly, I’m relieved by everyone’s admissions.

  8. I can completely relate. I’m currently wearing a pair of sandals from three years ago that essentially have no sole (i..e, slippery) and the insides are all falling apart. But, I’d rather be doing a million other things than looking for new shoes (even though I’m in Kuala Lumpur, a supposed shopping haven). What I do find though is that I’ll go months or years not bothering about something and then all of a sudden one day, it will bug me and I’ll take care of it in two seconds. That’s how most of my haircuts come about 🙂

  9. I am the same way with haircuts and shoes. Tend to go at least a year between haircuts (and like Audrey, once I decide it needs to get done I feel like I need to do it right away) and wear my shoes til they fall apart or are otherwise unwearable. I have no decent shoes at the moment, as I told myself my feet might just swell in pregnancy and never go back, so why not hold out just a few more months…my husband is often embarrassed by my shoes.

    I like how this is turning into a travel writer confessional. : )

  10. Sounds familiar! There are so many times when, facing such issues, I think to myself “I need a wife.”….and I mean that not in any chauvinistic way, but simply that it sounds somehow better than “I need a mom.”. But really, why is there not a booming business built around the “rent a wife” concept? Someone who comes by to take care of those little tasks that we either aren’t capable of (I know I should be able to hem my own pants, but I just can’t), or don’t have time for. I’ve heard of “rent a husband” when you need help with household repairs or chores……

    • Trisha-

      I’ve been seriously considering the idea of hiring a personal assistant; otherwise, I will likely be wearing that tattered coat for another 8 years (or as long as I can fit in it).


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