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Cool projects

I’ve got at least a dozen irons in the fire right now and they’re all smokin’:

  • Matador, of course (the U, contests, pieces on Pennsylvania Wilds, and …);
  • A couple of forthcoming feature-length articles for magazines, each in various stages of being edited;
  • About six pitches circulating, two of them in stages of reconceptualization as per editors’ requests;
  • God knows how many ideas percolating related to upcoming trips to South Carolina, Puerto Rico, and Cuba;
  • the iPhone app project;
  • and short pieces for USA Today’s online travel section about Caribbean destinations, including St. Thomas, St.  Kitts, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.

Am I forgetting something?

Probably so.

Anyhow, I’m getting around to a few posts for Cuaderno–the $10,000 lesson I’m going to give you for free; a note about disembodied places (as inspired by the book flap of El Monstruo, a travel writer’s biography on Media Bistro, and a conversation with David and Sarah over email about writers’ relationships with places); and some quick notes on desk research vs. getting off your ass, into a car, and driving to a place (even when you know you’ll spend every penny you’ll be making on the article… and then some).

In the meantime, though, I thought I’d share some cool projects of other people with you. These sparked my interest for various reasons, none of which are necessarily worth blathering on about right now. Let’s just say the world is full of creative people.

  1. “The Thing, a limited-circulation quarterly that calls itself ‘an object-based publication.'”
  2. 48HR Magazine… though ridiculously threatened by CBS to cease and desist publication because the name of the magazine is similar to a CBS “investigative journalism” show, you can still view parts of this publication online. Matador Sports editor Adam Roy was one of 70 writers (out of more than 1,500) whose work was selected for inclusion in this first issue.
  3. “A Theatre in Times Square with Seating Just for One”

And two really wonderful–as usual–pieces from my friend, Elizabeth Eslami:

“Elegy for a Stillborn Story”


“No, Virginia, It’s Not about Porn”

Found anything worth sharing lately? Leave a link in the comments.


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  1. Sounds like a super busy and exciting couple of weeks coming up for you. Congrats!!!

    Regarding Media Bistro, Lara has a fantastic profile on there – – and I’ve been thinking about possibly updating mine there as well, though I also use LinkedIn and my personal site for clips.

    Looking forward to reading your pieces!

  2. Elizabeth’s “Elegy for a Stillborn Story” was one of the best, most provocative, passionate things I’ve read in a while. Thanks for sharing that.

  3. way to stay busy and kick booty! I hope all your irons are red hot and you are poised, hammer in hand.

  4. Damn, Julie. I really don’t understand how you get all this done and kick so much ass on Matador with a baby, and I probably never will.

    Thanks for posting Elizabeth Eslami’s stuff. Very interesting reading.


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