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A reminder about why you should back up everything. No, really.

So how’d you like to be contracted to write a guidebook, to be just about done with the research, and wham!

Your hard drive crashes, all your files are corrupted, and the editor hands the project off to someone else.

Wait, don’t answer that…

Seriously, people. Start backing up your writing and your photos.

Here are two relevant resources to explain how it’s done:

How to Back Up Google Docs by Carlo Alcos

How to Back Up Your Digital Goods on the Road by Terence Carter


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  1. Super ouch!

    PS: The backing up digital goods article is by Terence Carter, not Austin.

  2. Ooh! That just sucks. I’m so sorry to hear that.

    Dan has gone through two hard drives in one year. The last crash was especially painful. We’ve now become OCD about backing up data, but I’m sure once we get on the road again we’ll get lulled into thinking everything is fine…dangerous territory.

  3. Audrey-

    I know; glad it didn’t happen to me.
    I’ve become lulled about backing up, too- it just seems to take so much time. After reading that, though, I think I’ll be more careful!

  4. Now I don’t feel so weird for having two different backup systems overlapping (Dropbox & Mozy).

    Though another good business colleague of mine who is a road warrior does the whole tape backups and massive redundancy.

    Call it overkill, but you won’t when your stuff goes missing 😦

    • Andy-

      Exactly! Have you written anything about backing up your material online? I’m curious about dropbox. Would love to hear your analysis. Thanks!


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