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Tip for writers: Jackassbiatch666 is *not* the best e-mail to use for submitting your writing.

Today was “Clean out the Matador inbox day.”

There are always some real doozies in there, but today might have just taken the prize.

We received a submission from a writer whose e-mail address was: (the “xxx” standing in for an email service and some other choice information omitted; I don’t want y’all sending her any funny e-mails, you know?).

Yes, I’m serious.

Now, there are lots and lots of tips out there for writers, floating around the Internet, in our own travel writing course, and–wait for it!–in good old fashioned books like Writer’s Market, and all of these sources tell you pretty much the same thing: Don’t use an email like to submit your work.

I used to read that type of advice and think, “Huh? People really need this spelled out for them?”

Well, yes, apparently they do.

And no, we will not be running the article by jackassbiatch.


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  1. I was torn between finding it funny and being horrified. The more stories you share, the more frightening a peek into the editor’s inbox becomes.

    • Reeti-
      The funny part, to me, wasn’t the name, but the fact that this person clearly thought there wasn’t anything wrong with it! 🙂

  2. Not good. I can’t believe people do that! Makes me wonder what I do that leaves people aghast!

    • I can’t believe it either, JoAnna, though I’m certain that you don’t do anything that sends an editor straight to her computer to bang out a “Really?!” kind of post about it. 😉

  3. Funny. It took a while, but I retired “shimmergirl83” in college. Junior year was probably kind of late for that, but it’s been done.

    Did you read the article? Or does an address like that make the process easier – automatic “delete”?

  4. Very funny. The sad truth may be if she started a website of the same name would probably develop a following… 🙂

  5. AND she probably already has a following on FB.

  6. Wow. You don’t think people would need a book or a travel writing course to tell them that kind of email address just isn’t going to cut it…


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