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Where we put our focus

Carlo was asking for photos of animals from our travels.

I checked my Flickr photostream and realized I’d never uploaded the majority of the photos I shot in Chile (which, coincidentally, is where I was this time last year).

So last night I sat down and started going through them.

I found these two:


These are the kinds of photos I take, the kinds of photos I like, the ones that drive Francisco a little crazy because they “don’t give you any context.”

But for me, these hands are everything… more than the wide angle shot that takes in the whole boat or the whole bay.

If you look at these hands closely, you see small scars, occupational hazards of the professional fisherman. You see the way sun enters the body. You see hands easy at rest on the soga, the rope, but you know somehow–maybe because of the raised veins?–that those hands have held the ropes tight.

Where do you put your focus?

It’s a question we ask  (or at least imply) a lot on Matador– whether in an article like this one by Josh Johnson or in the curriculum we’re developing for the U’s upcoming photography course.


And you, where do you put your focus?


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  1. Your writing always leaves deep impressions Julie.


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