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11.16.09, 9:55 PM

What I’ve been doing:

*being a wife and a mom and cataloging Mariel’s varied smiles;

*thinking about storytelling: why it’s not a part of our culture in the way it once was; where we can find good storytelling;

*feeling frustrated about the comments in response to this article;

*feeling depressed about bad writing and the number of writers who seem totally unaware that their writing blows;

*feeling that subside after reading David’s round up of 15 vital narratives;

*then deciding I’ve got to make time to clean out my Reader of any blogs that don’t leave me with a total feeling of stoke because of the author’s authenticity;

*getting ready to drive to Boston, then head down to South Carolina;

*cursing the fact that both laptops have died just in time for that trip;

*training three interns: Abbie, Nancy, and Neha;

*watching TED videos (this one is just as deep as all get out);

*squeezing in a museum visit and a stop by the new Poets House;

*and just generally trying to hack away at the to-do list.


And you?


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  1. *being shuffled between three different sales reps at the hardware store before I found someone who could answer my questions about a) emergency flares, and b) heavy duty extension cords that are built for extreme cold

    *feeling stressed out about the possibility that my next trip, which starts tomorrow, might involve the use of emergency flares

    *suppressing guilt over unsent emails owed to all sorts of good and helpful people

    *going deep into a YouTube rabbit hole to avoid guilt, stress, etc.

    • 🙂
      Now, I’m
      *replying to your comment to avoid the work that pays the bills;
      *wondering whether I can really make it until the peak hour of the meteor shower at 4 AM;
      *thinking that if I don’t, tomorrow’s to do list will be far uglier.

      Will be thinking of you as you head west! Hope the car holds out!!

  2. That’s quite a list… but I am excited to see my name on there 🙂
    And funny that you should mention storytelling because there was just a storytelling conference in L.A. last weekend!

  3. so kicked to see my name up on this post! have been smiling all day.

  4. As for me:

    *Trying to remember to call the vet when it opens so the dog can get his annual rabies shot.
    *Contemplating how I’m going to get everything done on my to-do list before December knocks on the door.
    *Wondering how it is I can throw out 20 emails to get people to interview for an article and only receive 2 responses.
    *Debating which photos to use for a photo essay.
    *Wondering if I’ve made a bad decision or if I should just accept what I did and move on.
    *Toying with the idea of buying tickets to Boise for Thanksgiving.
    *Just now deciding it’s time to throw away the orange juice. Yuck!
    *Getting ready to login to oDesk for another two hours of online work.

    Side note: How is it that your post on Change turned into another pissing match? Can’t we be over the discussion already?

    • Ah, yes. The vet. That’s another item on the to do list (for a few weeks now) that just hasn’t gotten done.

      And yes… feeling totally misunderstood about that article. Since there’s clearly not going to be a productive conversation, I wish everyone would just move on.

      Good luck with your to do list!

  5. * marveling at how you juggle it all. seriously

    * finally redesigned and relaunched various projects.

    * enjoying married life and getting ready for the big move

    * getting ready to send follow up emails to pitches

    * slowly preparing a super cool course 😉

  6. *Preparing a presentation
    *Finishing pending articles
    *Replying to 200 emails *eep*

    About the article, I just read it and thought that it is thought-provoking and asks the right questions. Some of the comments though, are really appalling. I wish people could start behaving like adults and behave civilly.

  7. *Feeling happy to see the intern shout-out
    *Procrastinating on studying for my Italian final tomorrow
    *Trying to finish my final grad school paper.
    *Watching our dog sleep
    *Enjoying married life
    *Marveling at how you and the Matador editors do it all with passion, authenticity, and warmness.

  8. *writing and rewriting and overanalyzing and freaking out and making lasagna
    *loving tlayudas more than I thought possible
    *drinking beer with Sprite
    *missing winter


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