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Good old Pedro Pietri

I first came across Pedro Pietri’s poetry in the anthology, The United States of Poetry.

I always loved this poem, though I never had the balls to call work and recite it to my boss (Oh, I thought about it):

Telephone Booth Number 905 1/2

woke up this morning
feeling excellent
picked up the telephone
dialed the number
of my equal opportunity employer
to inform him: i will not be in
to work today
are you feeling sick?
the boss asked me
no sir, i replied i am feeling too
good to report to work today
if i feel sick tomorrow
i will come in early.


Came across an important poem of his yesterday at the reopening of El Museo del Barrio, which he reads here:

I liked the line:   “Aqui TV dinners do not have a future.”


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