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Does the Times think we’re stupid?

The quote below is from an article published in the New York Times on October 12, in which writers A.G. Sulzberger and Benjamin Weiser reported on the surrender of Louis Armando Peña Soltren to the FBI after 40+ years as a fugitive:

Over the next decade, Mr. Soltren’s two accomplices were arrested and sentenced for their role in the hijacking, as they returned to the United States. But Mr. Soltren never left Cuba, where he was protected from prosecution. On an island full of fugitives from the United States government, he eventually became known as one of the longest staying guests. (In recent years the American government has estimated the number of federal fugitives in Cuba at about 70.)

Now I’m no good with numbers, but Cuba’s population is about 11 million. Seventy of 11 million doesn’t exactly evoke  the image on an island overrun with outlaws on the lam. Maybe the  editor wasn’t reading this article critically, but I was. Cut the crap, Times. Gross hyperbole has no place in your pages.


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  1. Well said. And the answer is yes, they do think we are stupid over at the NY Times.


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