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Writer Fail

I dig into the inbox to retrieve one of several recent submissions and ask you:  What’s wrong with this approach?


[Writer’s e-mail]
So, I’m a bit of a turkey and can fully be held responsible for annoying your pants off ….  I was up, bored, last night, and wrote an impromptu guide on how to….
Anyway, I had some coffee and ended up spitting out 10 pages, unedited, and sent it off to you this morning. Really, I think it’s around 3,000 words.
I find it funny, but I’m sure you’ll think it’s annoying.
Let me know if you see any merit in the ‘how to survive the whomping’ guide – and I’ll gladly edit it down to under 1,000 words for simple, step by step instructions…. (I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t have this on your site).
I really like what y’all have going on!
Oh yeah, I’ve also uploaded some pics from the actual… trip to my… Profile – so the photo doesn’t have to just be me standing in the middle of a bunch of Joshua Trees.
Back to the novel now.

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  1. Damn, Julie–next time you tell Carlo and me we have no idea the kinds of submissions you see, I’ll know what to imagine! This is just uninterpretable.

  2. Wow. Where do I begin? I feel for you Julie. I really do.

  3. Hahahahahahaha….not funny for you but man!

  4. Wow. Could you please write a book of all of these anecdotes compiled?


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