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Craft: A few notations

1. Craft: “O.E. cræft “power, strength, might,” from P.Gmc. *krab-/*kraf-. Sense shifted to “skill, art” (via a notion of “mental power”), which led to the n. meaning of “trade.” Use for “small boat” is first recorded 1671, probably from some nautical sense of “vessels of small craft,” referring either to the trade they did or the seamanship they required.”- from

2. “When William Morris died in 1896 at the relatively early age of sixty-two, one doctor had no doubt about the cause of death. ‘I consider the case is this….[T]he disease is simply being William Morris, and having done more work than most ten men.’ The doctor was hardly exaggerating. Looking over Morris’s career, one is indeed struck by the quantity of his work, but even more so by its range and variety…. [Morris] revived several long-forgotten crafts and skills. He achieved major success in at least thirteen fields of decorative art: stained glass, ceramics, painted or stencilled decoration, embroidery, wallpapers, chintzes, printed fabrics, woven materials, tapestries, carpets, illuminated manuscripts, typography, and book design. He had no formal training in any of these…and often had to teach himself forgotten skills by studying ancient artefacts or reading the primers of medieval craftsmen. [He was also a poet]….Whenever a craft he needed proved dead or degenerate, he would simply settle down to learn it himself.” -Introduction to William Morris’s News from Nowhere and Other Writings, by Clive Wilmer

3. What I was trying to get to in my thoughts about the Cuban book arts exhibit was how much reverence I feel for the artists who think that words and texts are so important that they’ll devote themselves to producing exquisite limited editions with limited materials. I’m still trying to articulate that, but as close as I can get today is to say it’s really one of the few kinds of reverence I feel for anyone or anything.

4. It’s the same kind of feeling I had yesterday, a panel of plexiglass between myself and these Native American dresses. There’s one dress with 150 elk eyeteeth. Every elk only has two eyeteeth.

5. If I feel what seems an unjust anger when you don’t use spell check, this is the reason.


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