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So you want to be a travel writer?

I think I’ve already mentioned that the Matador team has spent the past year working on developing the curriculum for MatadorU, a 12 week travel writing course that teaches students the history and craft of travel writing in addition to the crucial skills of leveraging multimedia and social media for maximum storytelling impact and building a readership.

Students already enrolled in the open-ended, learn at your own pace course are raving about it. By the end of the first week one student had already declared she’d gotten her money’s worth from that lesson alone.

The course is priced competitively, but we’re giving away tuition to one lucky winner in our Twitter Contest for Free Tuition at MatadorU Contest.  Read all the details here and then throw your name in the virtual hat!


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  1. I definitely recommend the class to anyone who is interested. Wish I’d gotten in free … but am more than happy to pay a small price monetarily for the price of ultimate freedom from a job a don’t like.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences with the course, JoAnna!


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