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There’s no way we can avoid it.

Woke up to rain, wind.

Was getting dressed to meet with a friend I haven’t seen in two years at least.

Was pulling a shirt from the drawer when the radio called for a moment of silence.

There was no way we could skip from yesterday to tomorrow.

Francisco went to the site to take photos. He’s pensive this afternoon, thinking and writing about what it was like to live just a few blocks away, to see the second plane hitting.

I turned to words, as always.

Here are mine, published over at The Travelers Notebook.

And here are others’, the ones I’ve found most meaningful today:

  • Tom Gates: “That night I went out to find a beer and maybe someone to talk to, even though I didn’t know what to say. I wandered through Chelsea, its streets filled with other zombies hoping to live again. I passed Rawhide, with its blacked out windows and barbed-wire logo. It was a bar for the muscleboy leather scene, a pit-stop for those who might later end up in a mask or a sling. A sign out front announced, ‘Free Beer Tonight. Come In And Hug Your Daddy.’ Only a guy with daddy issues would think this funny. So I laughed and laughed.”
  • Christine Garvin “My big question for you on the 8th Anniversary of the US 9/11 is: where have you gone? Where have you traveled that you had previously never even contemplated going; what life work have you accomplished that might have once seemed impossible; what love has been brought into your life? What have you learned about yourself, and the world, in order to make both better?”
  • N.R. Kleinfield: “It was Sept. 12, 2001. The day after.”
  • Ned Sublette:  Because Ned doesn’t want his writing web-posted, I won’t excerpt any of his “nedslist” message here. Nedslist is Ned’s take on domestic and world news, and it’s a listserv he started on September 11, 2001.  If you don’t know who Ned Sublette is, get to a library or bookstore and check him out. Here, I’ll just say “Thanks, Ned; your message meant a lot today.”

What are you thinking and writing and remembering today?


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