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Doors Open.

The “job-that-pays-the-bills” is drying up without warning or explanation.

I have flashes of panic, just as I did when I dropped out of my career without a plan, raiding the puny 403b (the non-profit world’s equivalent of a 401k) and hoping I’d figure out something in the meantime.

Which I did.

But mostly, I’m just slack-jawed with wonder and gratitude because no matter how many times it happens, I’m always still surprised when the doors open.

Last night, I was worrying about money. I’d just finished sending in four of my five guidebook features but who knows when I’ll be paid?

This morning, I was offered a new contract to work on two features for a different guide. And this afternoon, another message: potential guidebook contract for later this fall.

Doors open.

Walk through.


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  1. Yay! That’s fantastic news.

  2. Also wanted to add this – I actually had a dream just last night. In it, I received a package and when I opened it, it was a city guidebook with your name on it!

    True story.

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